Dr. Hasse’s Professional Registration

The Belgian Commission of Psychologists (Psychologencommissie)

The Belgian Commission of Psychologists is an independent federal government body with responsibility for all psychologists in Belgium. If anyone wishes to use the title of psychologist, which is protected by law in Belgium, then they must apply to us for registration as a psychologist.

My registration number is 902113653.

You can view my profile on the online register here: https://www.compsy.be/en/profile/public-profile/13605.

Belgian Registry

I am also registered as a Clinical Psychologist in Belgium on the website of the Belgium Government for Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (the site is in Dutch so you may need to use Google Translate).

My registration number is 267379. You can access my registration details on this site by following the instructions below.

Steps to access my registration details:

  • Step 1: scroll down to ‘Waar vindt u de lijst met personen die het beroep mogen uitoefenen?’
  • Step 2: click on Lijst met klinisch psychologen die over een visum beschikken.
  • Step 3: a list (pdf file) will open where you can find my details (registration number: 267379).

You can also access the list directly by clicking on the Download link below.

Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology

I am an International Member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. My membership number is CP2-0025. You can view the Society’s registry of members here.