Dr Padma’s Experience

Here are a few of the places at which Dr Padma has worked and conducted research:

HELP University

HELP University

I am part of the academic team on the Masters of Clinical Psychology course at HELP University. I teach Diagnostic Testing, Adult Psychopathology and Clinical Neuropsychology. I also provide supervision to trainees doing their internship in Clinical Psychology and I have been heading the Centre for Neuropsychology at HELP University

For more information about HELP University click here (https://university.help.edu.my/course/master-of-clinical-psychology/)

HeartChat Multicultural Mental Health

Project “HeartChat”, is founded by Mental Health of Australia (MHA), and funded by the Victorian Multicultural Commission. HeartChat aims to make it easier for people who speak languages other than English to read and understand information about mental health.

For more information about HeartChat click here https://heartchat.com.au/about-us/)

Logan Hospital, Loganlee, Queensland, Australia

I provided psychotherapy services to inpatients in the Rehabilitation Unit and neuropsychology services to inpatients from various wards (e.g., acute ward, renal ward) as well as outpatients (referred by geriatricians and neurologists).

Child Health Research Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Provided neuropsychology assessment to aid diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in children.

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Australia

I provided neuropsychological services to outpatients in the Neurology department and provided psychotherapy to inpatient older adults at the Mental Health Unit and stroke patients in the Rehabilitation unit

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