About Share Resolve

Our aims & approach

At Share Resolve our primary aim is to help as many people as possible to live happier, more fulfilling lives. We believe everyone has the right to this help regardless of their ethnicity, culture, age, religion, physical abilities, gender, sexuality, language or financial background.

As our primary aim is to help others rather than make a profit we follow a social enterprise model. Our highly experienced clinical psychologists offer services with fees that reflect their expertise but are more accessible to individuals with greater wealth. We use this income to subsidise the employment of psychologists who directly assist individuals with lower incomes. This allows us to provide our services at significantly reduced rates. We also this income to fund projects that particularly benefit people with lower incomes. These projects include:

The ReFlex Method

Clinical psychologists are trained to be ‘scientist practitioners’ who offer help based on the best scientific evidence available. Unfortunately, most psychological research is from countries such as the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. So at Share Resolve, we take the best practices from Western psychology and adapt them to be more appropriate and effective for Asian cultures.

We share this knowledge using a set of resources known as the ReFlex Method. It’s a library of knowledge which can be used by all our psychologists to improve their work. This is particularly useful for our more junior psychologists who can work for lower fees. It means that their work is at a level that is usually only attained after many years of experience.

We continually refine and improve the ReFlex Method.

We also use the ReFlex Method as the basis for groups that we run at organisations such as the University of Malaya Medical Centre. We run those groups under the title ReFlex Program.


The feedback we receive from our clients about our the effectiveness of our approach is highly positive. This suggests that the ReFlex Program is highly effective. However, as good scientist-practitioners we know we need to we need to test this experimentally. We are in the process of setting up research partnerships with universities.

Mentoring system

We invest heavily in mentoring for our psychologists. Our most experienced clinical psychologists spend a good proportion of their time mentoring psychologists who are less experienced than themselves. Our experienced clinical psychologists themselves regularly speak to even more experienced clinical psychologists. We’re using the term mentoring here as it’s more easily understood but psychologists usually call this process supervision.

Community outreach & sharing

Many people in Malaysia are unaware that psychologists can help them. Even those who are understand how a psychologist may help may avoid contacting us due to stigma and discrimination. We actively try to tackle these issues. This includes giving talks and workshops and writing articles on this website or in national newspapers. We are hoping to expand our outreach, create videos and engage in a social media campaign.

Our history & people

Share Resolve was founded in 2018 by Dr. Dan Seal. Dr Dan is a British clinical psychologist who has lived in Malaysia for more than 11 years. He has worked with private hospitals, local government hospitals, universities and NGOs.

Dr Dan has always tried to understand and adapt to the culture of the people he is trying to help. However, he’s aware that it’s unlikely he will ever know the local cultures, languages and context in Malaysia as well as someone that grew up here. So he invited experienced and highly capable local psychologists to join him and develop Share Resolve’s services.

Our team aims to work as a collaborative partnership. Everyone contributes towards our mission of trying to help as many people as possible live happier, more fulfilling lives. You can see more information about the psychologists in our team here.


We invite psychologists to join us who are kind, capable and willing to engage in a process of continual learning.

We extensively interview and observe our psychologists so we are confident that they genuinely kind and wish to help others. They are all in full agreement and follow Share Resolve’s confidentiality and ethical guidelines that we explain on our ethics page. We expect them to extend the same high level of kindness to anyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, class, wealth, religion, belief, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or any other status.

If you are ever unhappy with something that someone at Share Resolve has done please let them know. They will try their best to change their actions. If you feel uncomfortable telling them something they are doing is unhelpful, or you have tried telling them but nothing has changed please email us at complaints@resolve.my.

Why we called ourselves ‘Share Resolve’

We deliberately avoided any reference to psychology in our company name because confidentiality is very important to us. We know that many people do not want their friends, family or colleagues knowing they have contacted us. A call, email, message or payment made to a company called ‘Share Resolve’ is less likely to draw attention. Others are more likely to assume that you’re dealing with a financial consultancy.

We also chose the name to reflect our core aim – to help people ‘resolve’ emotional difficulties or challenges in life. We encourage people to ‘share’ their burden with us so that we can ‘share’ new skills and help ‘resolve’ the issues. We think of this process as a collaborative effort – we ‘share’ the ‘resolve’ (determination) to work through it with you.

Feedback & suggestions

We actively encourage people and organisations to give us feedback. We expect to improve and develop our approach over time as we learn and grow. To help us improve we welcome feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism.

If you have some suggestions for how we can improve our services please do let us know! You can forward your message to info@resolve.my or WhatsApp us on 012 5089910.