About Share Resolve Sdn Bhd

Our Ethos

Share Resolve was founded by Dr. Dan Seal, who is a British Clinical Psychologist, in 2019. Dr. Dan has been in Malaysia for more than 11 years and has worked with local government hospitals and NGOs to try and make evidence based psychological services available to as many people as possible in Malaysia.

Share Resolve was formed to further the aim of helping as many people as possible to get the most out of life. It is important to us that any psychologist that joins Share Resolve is kind, genuinely wants to help others and believes that everyone deserves support regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, culture, religion, physical ability, language skills or financial background.

We also believe that that all psychologists should constantly be improving their practice and learning new skills so as to offer the best possible advice and support to others. We provide resources, supervision and training for any psychologist that joins us and we encourage psychologists to do pursue their own professional learning.

At Share Resolve we like to work as a collaborative partnership where everyone contributes towards improving the services we offer. Those psychologists who studied overseas have benefitted from seeing the best practice of specialised psychological services that Malaysia has yet to develop. Those psychologists who have studied and worked locally often have a better understanding of the local cultures, languages and circumstances in Malaysia. We need all of this knowledge to adapt psychological interventions, that are known to be effective overseas, to be culturally appropriate, accessible and as effective as possible for people in Malaysia.

Why we called ourselves ‘Share Resolve’

We deliberately avoided any reference to psychology in our company name because confidentiality is very important to us. We know that many people do not want their friends, family or colleagues knowing they have contacted us. A call, email, message or payment made to a company called ‘Share Resolve’ is less likely to draw attention. Others are more likely to assume that you’re dealing with a financial consultancy.

We also chose the name to reflect our core aim – to help people ‘resolve’ emotional difficulties or challenges in life. We encourage people to ‘share’ their burden with us so that we can ‘share’ new skills and help ‘resolve’ the issues. We think of this process as a collaborative effort – we ‘share’ the ‘resolve’ (determination) to work through it with you.

Our aims

Our primary aim is to help as many people as possible to get the most out of life. We believe everyone has the right to help regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, culture, religion, physical language or financial background.

To reflect that our primary aim is helping others rather than just making profit we will follow a social enterprise model. According to this model an organisation structures itself using business principles and attempts to make money in order to sustain it’s services. However, rather than business decisions being primarily focussed on creating profit the way we operate is focussed on helping as many people as possible to live fulfilling lives.  

Our plan is that expatriates and Malaysians from a higher social economic bracket will pay for services provided by our experienced Clinical Psychologists. This will allow us to develop services for clients with fewer resources who require subsidised fees. We will also invest in explaining how psychology can be of help to people to try to reduce the stigma and discrimination or simple lack of information that prevents people from accessing help.

Share Resolve will also offer talks for the public and training for teachers, social workers, medical doctors and other professionals.

Share Resolve will act as a mentoring and training facility for psychologists. Experienced Clinical Psychologists, who have gained from working overseas, will guide newly qualified Malaysian Clinical Psychologists. In turn, the local psychologists will help adapt interventions that originated overseas so that they are appropriate for the different cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the Malaysian population. To evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions we will conduct research alongside local and international universities.

Our Services

Since Share Resolve started operating in 2019 we have been scaling up our services to get the best help to as many people as possible. This is a work in progress so we recognise there are still gaps in our services that we would like to fill. You can view this page for more information about the ways we are currently able to help.


We’ve tried to explain our ethos and aims above. We expect to improve and develop our approach over time as we learn and grow. To help us improve we welcome feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. If you have some suggestions for how we can improve our services please do let us know! You can forward your message to info@resolve.my or WhatsApp us on 012 5089910.