About Share Resolve Sdn Bhd

Share Resolve's Clinical Psychologists

Share Resolve was founded by Dr. Dan Seal who is a British Clinical Psychologist. He is joined by fellow clinical psychologists Dr Aisya Musa, Dr. Ng Siew Li, Dr. Hasse De Meyer & Athena Siew. Dr. Aisya trained in the UK, Dr. Siew Li trained in the USA, Dr. Hasse trained in Belgium and Athena trained in Malaysia.

We offer individual consultations for adults, children and adolescents who are facing difficulties with emotions or other challenges in life. We also offer neuropsychological (learning) assessments for school, college and university students.

Our Executive Coach, Zaryl Tan, offers Executive coaching which aims to help people achieve their personal or professional goals. Zaryl is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She comes from a financial services background and has worked in large multi-national corporations, local businesses and start-ups.

You can view this page for more information about the ways we can help.

Why call ourselves ‘Share Resolve’

We deliberately avoided any reference to psychology in our company name because confidentiality is very important to us. We know that many people do not want their friends, family or colleagues knowing they have contacted us. A call, email, message or payment made to a company called ‘Share Resolve’ is less likely to draw attention. Others are more likely to assume that you’re dealing with a financial consultancy.

We also chose the name to reflect our core aim – to help people ‘resolve’ emotional difficulties or challenges in life. We encourage people to ‘share’ their burden with us so that we can ‘share’ new skills and help ‘resolve’ the issues. We think of this process as a team effort – we ‘share’ the ‘resolve’ (determination) to work through it with you.

Our aims

Our aim is to provide evidence-based psychological services to improve the well-being of people living in Malaysia. We will follow a social enterprise model. The profit we earn will be invested back into providing psychological services for the community.  

Our plan is that expatriates and Malaysians from a higher social economic bracket will pay for services provided by our experienced Clinical Psychologists. This will allow us to develop services for clients with fewer resources who require subsidised fees. We will also develop self-help resources in multiple languages and distribute them for free on easy-to-access platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and our website.

Share Resolve will also offer talks for the public and training for teachers, social workers, medical doctors and other professionals.

Share Resolve will act as a mentoring and training facility for psychologists. Experienced Clinical Psychologists, who have gained from working overseas, will guide newly qualified Malaysian Clinical Psychologists. In turn, the local psychologists will help adapt interventions that originated overseas so that they are appropriate for the different cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the Malaysian population. To evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions we will conduct research alongside local and international universities.