Athena’s Qualifications

Help University

I completed a Masters of Clinical Psychology at HELP University, Malaysia.

If you are interested in the contents of the course you can click here to view the departments pages on the university website.

I also took a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at HELP University.

You can view the details of the undergraduate course here.


I received a full scholarship from The International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes to attend an advanced training programme in 2019.  

ICASSI is a non-profit educational organisation whose objective is to help professionals, students, and lay persons learn the teachings of Adler and Dreikurs. and master appropriate skills, where professional and personal development opportunities are needed.

I attended the professional training programme, which was held in Romania in the Summer of 2019, to learn about Adlerian theory and practices. We were taught how to apply Alderian theory to improve human relationships in the family, school, workplace, and in multi-national interactions.