About Dr. Dan Seal

Hi, I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist from the UK. I have lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur for 11 years. My aim is to help people learn the skills they need to respond effectively to difficult thoughts, emotions and situations so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

I split my time between private practice, supervising clinical work at a local university hospital and running projects that I hope will improve access to psychological services for people in Malaysia.

I have a particular interest in adapting evidence-based psychological interventions that were developed in western countries so that they are more appropriate for people in Malaysia. Unfortunately, despite my efforts I doubt I’ll be able to understand the cultures and languages in Malaysia as well as local Malaysians so I work with local psychologists and seek feedback from clients to improve the way we help. I also wish to make psychological interventions more accessible by reducing their cost and increasing their availability. The ReFlex Method is part of this ongoing project which you can read about here.

These pages will tell you more about my background, qualifications and approach. If you would like to contact me directly please email me at: dan@resolve.my.


I have 21 years experience working as a psychologist in London, Singapore & Malaysia. In my early career I tried to gain a wide range of experience by working with services that helped people with a variety of difficulties ranging from children with specific learning disorders to adults & adolescents with severe mental health issues.

Prior to leaving London to work in Malaysia, I specialised in working with refugees who had complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following their escape from horrific events such as torture, war & bombings. I have continued to work with refugees and survivors of sexual abuse in Malaysia but, as there are relatively few clinical psychologists here, I work with a much wider range of people and difficulties.

I enjoy passing on the knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to acquire. In addition to teaching undergraduates at the University of Nottingham, I have taught trainee Psychiatrists and supervised Clinical Psychologists at the University of Malaya’s Medical Centre. I have provided placements for Trainee Clinical Psychologists from HELP University and British Clinical Psychology Courses and I have offered supervision to clinical psychologists working in refugee NGOs.

The ‘Experience‘ section of my website lists some of the places that I have worked together with a brief description of the work. For more information click here…


I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University College London, a Masters in Mental Health Services Research from King’s College London and an Honours degree in Psychology. For further details of my education and links to the courses on which I have studied click here….


In the UK there is a law that requires anyone calling themselves a ‘Clinical Psychologist’ to prove that they are fully qualified. Malaysia recently introduced a similar law but it has not yet been enforced. You can check my UK accreditation and registration here.

You can also see the British & Malaysian Psychological organisations that I belong to here.

How I work

Most of us have felt stuck when facing a difficult practical or emotional problem. As a Clinical Psychologist I have been trained to help people solve those problems so that they are able to feel more positive. Read more on how I work here…

Arrange a Consultation

If you would like to meet me for a consultation we can meet online via Zoom or at our office at The Hub SS2.

For details of the times and days I am available, my fees and insurance arrangements click here.

Please contact Kae to arrange an appointment. You can call or send a WhatsApp message to 012 5089910. You can also email Kae at info@resolve.my.


  1. Good day Sir.

    Chloe here. I am planning to take a psychology degree in UK. I am contemplating whether to study in Warwick, York or Glasgow for this course. Would appreciate if you can give me some advice as to which uni would be best to study psychology in.

    Also, I want to know whether I am able to work in Malaysia (whether it’s private sector or entrepreneurial) after taking DClinPsy in UK. Or would it better to be a clinical psychologist in UK without coming back to Malaysia?

    Thank you

    • Hi Chloe, they’re all great universities and they all give you the graduate basis for registration from the British Psychology Society which is important if you want to take a DClinPsych. So it’s more down to personal choice on the university that you would like to attend. Yes, if you qualify as a clinical psychologist in the UK your qualifications will be recognised in Malaysia. At the moment it’s easier to find a job in the UK as a clinical psychologist but psychology is growing in Malaysia so things may have improved by the time you graduate.

      • Sorry to interrupt again but my counsellor mentioned that clinical hours is mandatory when registering a license to become a qualified clinical psychologist. She suggested me to take masters in order to get the clinical hours. May I know if it is recommended to take masters or should i take DClinPsyc which also provides clinical practice?

        • Hi Chloe, the DClinPsy includes clinical hours. If you become a trainee clinical psychologist on the DClinPsy or a Masters of Clinical Psychology in Malaysia then part of your training is at university for teaching and research another part will be on placement. On placement you will work with a qualified clinical psychologist who will supervise your work and guide you on how to apply the skills you’ve learnt at the university.

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