About Leen Ahmed

Hello there! My name is Leen, and I am a trainee clinical psychologist. I am from the Maldives but I have lived in Kuala Lumpur for the past 4 years. I aim to provide therapy and conduct psychometric assessments in a manner that is culturally aware and compassionate. I’m able to conduct therapy sessions in both English and Dhivehi.

My childhood experiences growing up in the Maldives, where there were little to no mental health resources and ingrained stigma, resulted in my keen interest towards the field from a young age. To help the friends and family around me who were struggling in ways that I did not have the answers for at the time, I began to read and explore more. With time, this curiosity and desire to help grew and culminated in my pursuit of clinical psychology.

What pushes me forward in my work is contributing to being part of the process that accepts struggle- regardless of its nature. I believe in the power of feeling accepted, and how it can empower individuals to live more meaningfully.


I completed my Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at Taylor’s University, Malaysia. Currently I am pursuing my Master of Clinical Psychology at HELP University, Malaysia.


Prior to my undergraduate studies, I volunteered and worked in a public hospital in the Maldives as a clinical aid and as part of the administration team. This was a unique experience that broadened my perspectives on the needs of community mental health.

During my undergraduate degree, I worked with Embrace Autism Malaysia and followed the Son-Rise Model in my practice with children with autism. I was also closely involved with organizing public awareness events and sessions regarding accessibility to mental health resources throughout my undergraduate studies.

Since beginning my master’s program, I have closely worked with individuals from varying ages on issues related to trauma, mood, anxiety, fear, and grief at the Centre for Psychological and Counselling Services (CPCS) at HELP University. I primarily utilized approaches from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) during this time. I have also conducted psychometric assessments on children with varying adaptive and behavioral struggles. Organizing mental literacy events and screening different populations for early intervention were experiences I was fortunate to be a part of as well.

Currently I am being trained at Share Resolve in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) under the supervision of Dr. Dan Seal.

How I work

My key aim in the therapy room would be to provide you with the space for you to tell your story, at whatever pace that is most comfortable for you. Telling one’s story often comes with emotions that may feel uncomfortable, and I would do my best to be present for you, with you. It can indeed be a difficult experience to allow yourself to voice the burdens that you may be carrying. Rest assured, the space we would both hold together would be free of judgment.

When you feel ready to take the steps in living more aligned with your true self, we would collaboratively work together to discover the pathways for you to do just that. The tools and skills that we will learn and explore in the therapy room, would equip you with ways of making different choices in your everyday life.

Ultimately, we will work together as a team for you to discover and make the changes that you would like to witness in your life. Changes which I hope will allow you to experience growth and explore more of the story you would like to tell. It would be my honor to walk with you as you take brave, new steps for yourself.

Arrange a Consultation

I am available to meet in-person at Share Resolve’s centres at the Hub SS2 and Colony KLCC.

I can also meet online via Zoom. So it is easy for us to meet whether you are based in the Maldives or anywhere else in Asia.

I am available during normal office hours but also on some evenings and Saturdays.

To arrange a meeting please contact our Client Liaison Manager, Kae, by phone or WhatsApp on 012 5089910. You can also email Kae at info@resolve.my.