Share Resolve’s Centre at Colony KLCC

Share Resolve's Office at Colony KLCC
The shared working space at Colony KLCC

Our KLCC centre is based in a shared working space run by a company called Colony. Colony is on the first floor of the ViPod Residences building which is about 5 minutes walk from Pavilion Shopping Mall.

Facilities at Colony KLCC

Colony KLCC’s Reception Area.

If you arrive early or if you would like a coffee sent to our room there is a café in the reception area.

The café is operated by Espressolab who serve a range of food and beverages.


Parking is available at the Vipod Residences outdoor parking. When you try to drive into Vipod residences the security guards will ask you where you are going. If you say ‘Colony KLCC’ they will charge you the parking fee of RM20 a day and direct you where to park. They will return RM5 to you when you leave if you have the parking receipt stamped by the Colony KLCC receptionists.

A cheaper option (for short visits) is the Menara HLX building which is directly opposite Colony KLCC. They have plenty of parking spaces available in the basement and the rate is RM4 per hour during office hours. There’s a flat rate of RM6 per entry on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and after 4pm on a weekday. If you want to drive directly to Menara HLX here’s the Google Maps link.

There are other parking options near the building but be careful of the open air carpark next door as it is prone to flooding during heavy rain.

Children’s playroom & PS4 games room

Colony KLCC has a children’s playroom and a games room with a PlayStation 4 (PS4).

The rooms can be used by your children whilst you are meeting with us.

However, whilst the playroom is next to the reception area it is not actively supervised by the Colony Staff.

The PS4 room is located away from the reception and is also unsupervised.

Please let us know if you would like to use these rooms so that we can arrange it with the Colony staff.


Our office at Colony KLCC

We understand the importance of privacy & confidentiality in all aspects of our work, including the location of our office.

We have chosen a room at Colony KLCC which is not on the main corridor and does not have adjoining walls with any other occupied office.

In our tests we found in was impossible for anyone outside of Share Resolve’s office to hear what was being said by those inside the office.

We have set the window blinds to a position that means it is also not possible for anybody to see who is in our office.

You do not need to show any ID or state your name in order to enter the building or to enter Colony KLCC.

What to do when you arrive at Colony KLCC …

The lift to Colony KLCC can be accessed through the door next to Sushi Oribe at the front of the building.

If you arrive at the front of the building you will see a door that leads to Sushi Oribe Restaurant and the lifts to Colony KLCC which is on the first floor.

As you exit the lift on the first floor you will enter Colony’s reception area. If you let the receptionists know that you have a meeting at Share Resolve they will call through to let us know that you have arrived.

You can wait for us to come out and meet you in the reception area or wait at the shared working space at the other end of the corridor (pictured above).

Accessing Colony KLCC outside of normal office hours

Colony’s staff work between 9am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours or on public holidays the front door at the ground floor will be locked.

Once you arrive please let our administrator, Kae (012 5089910), know so that she can pass the message along to our psychologist who will come down to the ground floor to let you in through the front door.

Please note that if you arrive more than 15 minutes early you may have to wait outside because our psychologist may be meeting with someone else.

Access for people using wheelchairs

The public entrance to Colony KLCC has 3 steps just in front of the lift. If you are using a wheelchair or steps are not manageable please let us know in advance so that we can liaise with Colony KLCC staff to arrange for you to access the building via a private lift which can be accessed via a ramp.


The address for our office is:

Share Resolve
Colony KLCC (below Vipod Residences)
6 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450
Kuala Lumpur

Click here for our Google Maps listing.


We aren’t able to accept payments at the office so we take payments before the session. Kae will inform you of the different options available when you arrange a consultation.  

Arrange a Consultation with our psychologists

To arrange an appointment at Colony KLCC or to ask any questions please contact Kae by phone or WhatsApp message at 012 5089910. You can also email Kae at

For more information about our psychologists or our locations please click here.