Share Resolve’s Centre at the Hub SS2 in PJ

We located our Centre at the Hub SS2 in PJ because we hope it will be a convenient, comfortable & private place for people to meet with us.

There’s more information about the space below. If there’s anything more that you would like to ask please contact Kae via WhatsApp or call on 012 5089910. You can also email

Meeting Rooms

We have three meeting rooms at our centre at the Hub SS2:

We’ve temporarily named our rooms after the colour of the main sofa (if you have ideas for a more creative naming convention do let us know).

The Green Room has space for larger groups.
The Pink Room is our cosiest room.
The Blue Room at Share Resolve's Office at the Hub SS2
The Blue Room also holds our library.

We only have a small waiting area in our pantry area. So if you arrive early you may prefer to relax in one of the cafes, cake shops or restaurants downstairs. Feel free to bring a hot or cold drink into your meeting with us.


There’s plentiful parking in the basement of the Hub SS2. The parking rates are as follows:

RM2 for the first three hours between midnight and 6pm from Monday to Sunday including public holidays. Every subsequent hour is RM2.

RM4 per entry from 6pm to midnight.

You can also opt to use the valet parking at the ground floor level which is RM10 for the first 5 hours and then RM2 per hour.


Privacy & confidentiality for our clients is important to us in everything we do. This includes the location and interior of our office.

You’ll notice that the doors in our office have some unusual fittings. They are there because we asked sound proofing specialists to fit out our office to ensure that it’s not possible to overhear what’s being in said in one of our meeting rooms.

One advantage of being on the 22nd floor of the building is that nobody can see into our offices through the windows. There are only two other units on our floor so it feels quite private.

We coordinate the timings of our meetings so that you are less likely to meet other clients (if it’s important to you that you definitely avoid any other clients please let us know and we’ll try to make some arrangements).

The guards only take note of who is accessing the building temporarily so there is no record of you having visited us.

What to do when you arrive at the Hub SS2 …

Once you arrive at the Hub SS2 go to the ground floor lobby of the main (and only) tower.

To access the lifts and the 22nd floor where our office is located you’ll need to show the security guards a form of identification and tell them you are going to Unit 22-08.

We have an agreement with the building management that visitors to our unit should be allowed up immediately. Unfortunately, the guards will still sometimes ask you to wait while they call upstairs to our unit. If our psychologists are still speaking with another client you may have to wait for a moment.

The guards will give you an access card for the lifts. Tap the card on the sensor in the lift and then press button 22 to get to our floor.

When you exit the lifts on the 22nd floor turn left and walk down the corridor for a short distance. Our door is the only door on the right.

Ring our doorbell and your psychologist will welcome you in.

If you’re more than 10 minutes early you may have to wait until the psychologist has finished speaking with the client before you.

To keep our offices as comfortable as possible we take our shoes off at the door. There’s a cushioned bench inside our office and a rack underneath to leave your shoes.

If you are having difficulty getting to or into our office please call Kae on 012 5089910 and she will assist you.

Access for people using wheelchairs

There are parking bays reserved for people using wheelchairs that are close to the lift entrance. There are no steps or stairs on the way to our office on the 22nd floor. If there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable during your visit please let us know.


The address for our office is:

Share Resolve
C-22-08 The Hub SS2,
19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan,
Seksyen 19, 46300
Petaling Jaya,

You can click here for our PJ office’s Google Maps listing.


We aren’t able to accept payments at the office so we take payments before the session. Kae will inform you of the different options available when you arrange a consultation.  

Arrange a Consultation with our psychologists

To arrange an appointment at the Hub SS2 or to ask any questions please contact Kae by phone or WhatsApp message at 012 5089910. You can also email Kae at