ACT Supervision groups for the CBT Alliance of Thailand




Supervision groups for the CBT Alliance of Thailand

Hello again to everyone that joined the Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Workshop I ran in Bangkok on 25th October 2023!

During the workshop I asked if anyone would be interested in joining a supervision group to discuss how to use ACT to help others.There seemed to be some interest so I’ve created this page and the form below so you can sign up for a group.

What will happen during the supervision group?

I’ll be using the approach that I received during my own supervision in the UK.

We will meet once a month and we will speak for an hour each time.

In our first meeting:

I will ask each of you to introduce yourself, describe the place you work and the people you try to help. We will talk about what we want to get from the group and I will answer any questions you may have about ACT, the supervision or clinical work in general. At the end of the meeting we will decide which two group members will present a case (person) or question in our next meeting.

In the next meetings.

The two groups member who were chosen in the previous meeting will:

  • Introduce a person they are working with or a question that they have for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • We will then have a 20-minute discussion about the case or question. During this time I will contribute my ideas and suggestions and the other group members can ask follow-up questions or give their comments and ideas.
  • At the end of the supervision time we will decide which two group members will present a case or question in the next meeting.

We can be flexible with this plan – I’m happy to change it if the group would like to do so.

Group composition

There will be a maximum of four people per group. The group is only open to people who were able to attend the introduction to ACT workshop on 25th October 2023.

The group will continue if only two people can attend but please try to attend if you are not presenting – you will learn lots from listening to others! We will reschedule if only one person is able to attend.

If you would like to attend a group with particular colleagues or friends you can let me know in the form below and we will try to match you together.


If you work full-time for a charity, then you can attend the group for free.

For everyone else we’ll send you an invoice for RM130 which is currently 995 Thai Baht. We use an invoicing system that allows you to pay with any Visa or Mastercard Debit card or Credit card or we can take a bank transfer.

I’ve set these fees so that the meeting should cover what I normally charge my clients for a session.


Please do continue with your local supervision as I won’t be able to fulfil all the roles of a supervisor (such as advice in an emergency) as I’m not based in Thailand.

Please don’t use my name on any marketing materials without my permission.

How to sign up for a group

Please complete the form below to sign up for a group. Kae (Share Resolve’s client liaison manager) will contact you to offer you a time for the group. If we are unable to find you a group to join we will let you know that we’ve put you on a waiting list.

If you have any questions you can contact me via email on

Sign up Form


Any questions or comments? Please write them here ...