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Hi, this page is currently intended for Share Resolve staff to use. If you have found this page and would like to book an appointment with us please contact Kae on 012 5089910 or email

We are hoping to open self-booking of appointments soon but we are still working on making the process smoother and easier.

Booking via Psychologist

If a psychologist has a gap on a day that they are working in the office feel free to schedule a Zoom appointment. However, where possible try to prioritise in-person meetings

There are some gaps in our provision at the moment – for example we need more psychologists who can see young children at our offices. We are actively recruiting and training new clinical psychologists who can offer more flexible appointments.

We are likely to close the Colony KLCC office at the end of February so suggest that new clients who wish to meet in person go to our office at the Hub SS2

Dr Daniel Seal

Dr Daniel Seal: Clinical Psychologist in Kuala Lumpur
Schedule for Dr Dan

Online: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Hub: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Adolescents & adults (can work with young children but prefers older clients).

Dr. Dan currently has a long waiting list. We can add them to the waiting list if they wish but it may be months before he is able to meet with them. Encourage clients to try working with one of other psychologists first.

Athena Siew

Schedule for Athena

Online: Monday & Tuesday

ISKL: Wednesday

Young children, adolescents & adults.

Athena worked under the supervision of Dr. Dan at the University of Malaya Medical Centre for 5 years.

Athena currently only works at ISKL or online.

Dr Ng Siew Li

Dr. Siew Li - Clinical Psychologist - Share Resolve
Schedule for Dr Siew Li

Online: Thursday

Colony KLCC: Monday

Hub: Tuesday

Adolescents & Adults

Siew Li will be leaving to work overseas from May 2023. This should be enough time for most clients to finish their work with her. However, we should let new clients know that she will be leaving and that if they still require sessions they can meet one of our other psychologists.

Dr A Padmassini

Schedule for Padma

Hub: Wednesday

Dr Padma is a Clinical Psychologist and a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Dr Padma is available for therapy on Wednesday afternoon and evenings.

She is available for neuropsychological learning assessments on Wednesday morning and some Thursdays.

Padma speaks English, Malay & Tamil.

Marianne Ho

Schedule for Marianne

Hub: Monday-Friday

Marianne is a Clinical Psychologist.

Prioritise Marianne for neuropsychological assessments.

Carmen Low

Schedule for Carmen

Hub or Colony or ISKL or Online: Monday-Friday

Carmen speaks English, Malay & Cantonese.

Dr Duska

Dr. Duska Tadic - Clinical Psychologist
Schedule for Duska

Duska lived in KL for two years before moving back to Sydney due to her husband’s work.

She is available on weekday evenings after 5pm.

Dr Hasse De Meyer

Dr. Hasse De Meyer - Clinical Psychologist
Schedule for Dr Hasse

Online: Thursday afternoon & evening

Children, adolescents & adults (but as she is working remotely direct work with young children is not recommended).

Dr. Hasse is based in Singapore but used to live in Malaysia.

Dr Celeste Teo

Dr Celeste Teo - Clinical Psychologist
Schedule for Dr Celeste

Online: Saturday afternoon

Adolescents & adults

Dr. Celeste is based in Singapore. She has the same base training as Dr. Dan (a doctorate from University College London)

Dr Aisya Musa

Schedule for Dr Aisya

Online: Friday.

ISKL: Monday

Colony KL: Wednesday & Thursday

Children, adolescents & adults

Dr. Aisya has left Share Resolve to work with Tik Tok. This means she won’t be able to take on any new clients. If her ex clients return, check with Aisya if she can still see them.

Booking via Location