Drug and Alcohol Problems


Drugs and alcohol are used by a lot of people across the world for a good reason – in the short-term drugs and alcohol can make us feel good. Unfortunately, if they are used too often those short-term benefits are soon outweighed by long-term problems.

Drugs and alcohol cost a lot of money, the side effects or ‘comedowns’ can be nasty, we may be breaking the law, it may upset friends and family and it can be difficult to do all the things we want in life if we are frequently drunk or high.

One of the most common reasons that people become ‘addicted’ to drugs or alcohol is because they think that drugs and alcohol help them cope with their problems. For example, people sometimes drink alcohol to make themselves less afraid when they are meeting people. Others find that if they drink enough alcohol, smoke enough cannabis or consume enough cocaine that they forget about all their problems.

There are clear downsides to these strategies. If we are drunk we may feel more confident when meeting people but we are probably not making the best decisions. We may regret our actions once we are sober. Whilst we may be able to forget our problems for a short amount of time whilst using drugs or alcohol it doesn’t make those problems go away and we are likely to feel much worse if we sober up.

If we think we are drinking too much or taking too many drugs it might help to think about what the underlying problems are. If we can identify these problems and work on them then we may find it easier to reduce our use of drugs and alcohol. The tougher but quicker approach might be to stop taking drugs and alcohol so that we have the opportunity to discover that we can cope in other ways.

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Further Information …

I’ve included some links to websites that I have found useful below:

Guide to Alcohol Abuse by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)

This page on the UK’s National Health Service website gives advice and information about alcohol.

Guide to Drug addiction by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)

This page is also from the UK’s National Health Service. It has several articles relating to drugs.

Drugwise (UK Charity)

It can be difficult to find objective information about drugs. This British charity’s site explains what effects the drugs may have (positive and negative). They also state which drugs are illegal and the potential consequences of being caught under the British system. In Malaysia the consequences are usually even harsher.


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