The fee for a one hour meeting with our clinical psychologists, either online or at one of our offices is as follows:

Clinical PsychologistDuring office hours*Out of office hours
Dr. Daniel Seal395575
Dr. Ng Siew Li395575
Dr. Hasse De Meyer395575
Dr. Aisya Musa325485
Dr. Celeste Teo325485
Athena Siew325485
Carmen Low250350
Marianne Ho250350
ReFlex Program150250
Affordability Scheme75N/A

*Office hours are Monday to Friday ,9am-5pm. Except for Carmen, Marianne & the ReFlex Program whose office hours are 9am-6pm.

Why are some psychologist’s fees higher than others?

The psychologists’ fees depend on their experience and training although this is capped at RM395 per hour during normal office hours.

A more experienced psychologist is quicker at troubleshooting difficulties and better able to explain how to apply the skills they teach to specific situations. This is because they have often seen similar issues and have learnt what works best for whom based on feedback from their previous clients.

Although there is an advantage of meeting with our more experienced clinical psychologists we are confident that all of our clinical psychologists are effective because we invest heavily in training and our clinical psychologists actively share their knowledge with each other.

To ensure this transfer of knowledge our clinical director, Dr. Dan Seal, regularly meets with all of our psychologists. During these meetings the psychologists are able to discuss the best way of helping their clients (any information shared with Dr Dan is anonymised to preserve client confidentiality). Dr. Dan himself receives similar guidance from an experienced clinical psychologist in the UK. In this way our psychologists quickly develop their skills and knowledge.

ReFlex Program

All of our clinical psychologists will teach you the skills you need to get the most out of life. Sometimes they will do this in a structured way and it will be clear to you what specific skills they are teaching you. At other times you will feel like you are having a deep, engaging conversation about your situation and difficulties but your psychologist will be structuring the conversation so that you learn the skills and how to apply them without it being obvious that this is happening (you can always ask your psychologist what they are trying to teach you if you want to understand the process).

We have created a 6 week course to teach you some of the core skills you will need to get the most out of life. We call this our ReFlex Program and you can read more about it here. It is priced at RM150 per session or RM900 for the entire 6 week course.


We are aware that speaking to our psychologists is a significant investment in time and money. We think one of our clients put it best:

‘I spent more on ONe holiday than I spent seeing my psychologist. But THAT holiday only maDE me happier for 2 weeks. What I learnt from my psychologist made my whole life better”.

For those who don’t have money we offer an Affordability Scheme (click here for more information).


We allow cancellations or rescheduling up to 24 hours before the session. If you cancel on the day of the session or you don’t turn up to the session then we will need to charge you the full amount for the session because we won’t have time to offer the appointment to someone else.

Discounts or Packages

We try to keep our fee structure as simple as possible. We don’t offer discounts over time or suggest packages of sessions because we don’t want you to feel trapped into meeting our psychologists just because you paid for a number of sessions in advance.

Fees for a neuropsychological assessment of learning

A neuropsychological assessment is RM5,000. The price reflects the cost of the tests and the time it takes to do the assessment and write a report explaining all our findings and recommendations. You can find out more about what a neuropsychological assessment involves by clicking here. If you interested in a neuropsychological assessment please contact us and we’ll talk through the likely cost in advance.

Fees for Executive Coaching

A one hour session with our Executive Coach, Zaryl Tan, is RM275.


If you have private health insurance that covers psychological interventions, you should be able to use it to cover all or part of the cost of sessions with our psychologists.

We are panel providers for Cigna and International SOS. If you are insured by Cigna or International SOS we can bill them directly. This means you should not need to pay us (unless your policy requires you to pay a deductible).

If you have other forms of insurance you can pay us and then use our invoice to claim back the fee from the insurance company.

Unfortunately, it is rare for Malaysian insurance policies to cover fees for psychologists so you should check with your insurer in advance to determine if our fees will be covered.

For more information about insurance issues please click here.

Further information

IF you have any further questions or if you would like to arrange a consultation please contact us via phone or WhatsApp on 012 5089910. You can also email us at info@resolve.my.