Affordability Scheme

Affordable Psychological Therapy

At Share Resolve our primary aim is to help others. It important to us that people receive the help they deserve regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, beliefs, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or wealth.

The most common fee for a meeting with a psychologist in Malaysia is RM250 per hour. We understand that this cost, and the price for a session with one of Share Resolve’s highly experienced clinical psychologists, is probably too high for most people in Malaysia. This is why we developed the ReFlex Program. You can read more about the ReFlex program here.

The normal fee for the ReFlex program is RM150 per hour. We expect the program to take six weeks if you meet us for one hour each week.

We understand that this rate might still be too high for some people who would benefit from the program. Consequently, we would like to offer a lower rate of RM75 to those that need it.

We were previously able to offer lower rates than RM75 but due to popular demand for the lower rates we can currently only offer the program at RM75 per session. If you would like to attend the ReFlex program but RM75 per session is too high please contact us and we will add you to a waiting list in the hope that we may be able to offer lower rates again in the future.

We don’t currently have any means of assessing how much people can afford so we are going to trial trusting people to judge for themselves.

How to join the ReFlex Program at a lower cost

Please Call or WhatsApp Kae at 012 5089910. You can also email her at When you contact Kae please let her know that you would like to use our Affordability Scheme to access the ReFlex Program at RM75 per session.

We may ask you whether you would be comfortable with us recording your training sessions for training purposes. The only person who will listen to the audio recordings is Dr. Dan Seal who listens to some sessions to help guide our psychologists.

If you say no to the recordings we will still be happy to meet with you. You can withdraw permission at any time. We will store the recordings securely before deleting them after a short period of time.

Language options

Our psychologists can currently offer the ReFlex Program in English, Mandarin & Cantonese. We hope to be able to offer the program in Malay soon. If you or someone you know requires the program to be in Malay please let us know (via WhatsApp or email) and we will contact you as soon as this is possible.

We’ll be seeking feedback and conducting research so that the program is the most effective for people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.