Share Resolve in the Maldives

Welcome to the Share Resolve Maldives! Our team of psychologists are based in Malaysia, but we often work with people from the Maldives.

When Leen Ahmed, a psychologist from the Maldives, joined our team we decided to make it even easier for people from the Maldives to meet with us. Leen has translated key pages from our website into Dhivehi.

You can read these pages in English or Dhivehi.

We hope this helps answer important questions such as those listed below.

Will speaking to a psychologist help me?

To ensure that we offer the best help possible we only use approaches that have been scientifically shown to be effective. We have taken the best practices from western psychology and adapted them so that they are more appropriate and effective for Asian cultures. We record this in a library of knowledge we call the ReFlex Method.

Dr Daniel Seal, Clinical Psychologist

All our psychologists have access to the ReFlex Method and combined with our mentoring system it ensures that you get the best help possible. Leen has been trained and is currently mentored by our director, Dr Dan Seal, who is a British Clinical Psychologist.

You can read more about the ReFlex Method on our website in English or Dhivehi.

Will anyone else find out what I’ve told my psychologist?

Our confidentiality & ethics rules mean we never tell anyone what you’ve told us. The only exception is if you give us permission to share or we need to share to stop someone getting seriously injured or killed.

Read our page on confidentiality & ethics in English or Dhivehi.

You don’t need to have a problem to benefit from meeting with a psychologist! Our psychologists teach skills that will help anyone have a happier life.

What problems can a psychologist help me with?

The skills we teach are also effective for helping with a wide range of problems. This includes, difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear, low mood, guilt or anger. We can also help with problems such as overeating,

For a longer list you can read more about the problems a psychologist can help with on our website in English or Dhivehi.

How can I arrange a consultation?

You can WhatsApp message or email us in Dhivehi. You can also send us a message via Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page for the Maldives (ShareResolveMaldives). However, it may take us a little longer to respond as our administrator will need ask Leen to translate and respond to any enquiries. Leen is our only Dhivehi speaking psychologist.

If you are happy to speak with our psychologists in English then you have the option of arranging a consultation with any of our psychologists. You can see their profiles on our ‘arrange a consultation page’.

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