Assistant Psychologists: Online Work Experience Projects





We have temporarily suspended the following projects due to the high demand on our time during the pandemic. If you are interested in these projects please send us an email and your resume and we will contact you when we restart them.

It’s difficult to find work experience as an Assistant Psychologist at the best of times. Now that COVID-19 is with us it is even more challenging. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in volunteering to do some work for us online. Here are a few ideas:

Projects to help people gain support and networks online:

Find, evaluate and write an introduction to …

1. Online communities. Many people feel isolated and alone (especially during COVID). Are there welcoming communities online that they could join? This could include anything from friendly chat rooms to online role playing to computer games.

2. Groups in the ‘real world’. Are there places where people can meet others whilst doing shared activities such as sport, hiking, board games, acting, group learning etc?

3. Online support for people with mental health difficulties. There are online communities for people with low mood, anxiety or who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault. How welcoming are these? Who would we recommend them to?

4. Online support for people from other marginalised groups in Malaysia. I am particularly interested in finding resources for people from the LGBQT community as I have met a number of clients who struggle with this. 

5. Online support for the friends and family members of people with mental health difficulties. Many people 

6. Online resources or books about social interaction. I often have conversations with clients who have had a difficult past or who are on the autistic spectrum about how to manage social situations. I’d like to review some books or resources that talk about ‘small talk’ and other social skills.  

7. Online resources on, or examples of, kindness & self-compassion. Many people find it very difficult to be kind to themselves. A critical internal voice is often linked to low mood or anxiety. Unfortunately, some people have never experienced another person being kind, caring and supportive towards them so they may not know how to be kind to themselves. It would be helpful to find resources and examples of kindness that they can use to generate more positive self-talk.

Projects to help other aspiring psychologists:

8. Updating my website articles about overseas universities (this would be really helpful as my website is a bit out of date). 

9. Helping design and later checking and summarising the data from a survey I plan to send to psychologists in Malaysia (I’m asking questions about their training, incomes and where they found work experience with the aim of helping people such as yourself).

10. Reviewing an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy course to see if it’s accessible and relevant to Malaysians. 

Translating and making articles culturally accessible

I would like to make my website more accessible to people who don’t speak English. If we can translate the advice we have into Malay, Chinese or Tamil I think that would be really helpful.

Next steps

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these projects please email me at Let me know a little about your background (if you have a CV that would be helpful), which projects you are interested in and how much time you’d be willing to invest.

If a few people are interested we will organise a regular time to talk. We will spend some of our time talking about the projects and some time answering any questions you may have about clinical psychology or applying to become a clinical psychologist.

If you are still studying we recommend that wait until you’ve finished your course before contacting us. Studying takes up a lot of time on it’s own and we don’t want to encourage anyone to overwork, particularly during a pandemic!


  1. Hi Dr.
    I’m really interested with this offer. But it seems like has been offered a year ago. It’s there still any chance for me to try to involve as a volunteer in this wonderful project?

    • Hi Solihah, thanks for your interest! We had to suspend these projects because we were too busy to run them. Unfortunately, we still don’t have the capacity to run them. If you already have a CV written up, you can send it to us and we will keep it on file in case anything comes up in the future. Thanks!

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