The ReFlex Method

The Manage Emotions Live Life Program


We’ve written quite an in-depth explanation of the ReFlex Method below but here is a quick summary:

  • Our psychologists use a library of knowledge known as the ReFlex Method.
  • It takes the best practices from Western psychology and adapts them for Asian cultures.
  • Our psychologists continually improve it by adding their collective knowledge and experience.
  • We use it to improve our practice & to train & mentor our junior psychologists.
  • It means you get the most effective help whichever Share Resolve psychologist you meet.

If you’d like to experience the ReFlex Method you can arrange a consultation with one of our psychologists.

If you’d like to know more about the ReFlex Method first please read on!

What is the ReFlex Method?

The ReFlex Method is a library of knowledge which can be used by all our psychologists to improve their work. It consists of a written manual, videos, images, diagrams and other resources. It gives our psychologists a structure and suggested plan for their meetings with you. However, it also encourages our psychologists to respond flexibly to your needs so they will change the plan to ensure that the help they offer is specifically tailored to you.

Our psychologists use a structured approach but meetings with them should feel like a deep, flowing conversation with a kind and friendly mentor. We may occasionally show you diagrams and videos or teach you skills from the ReFlex Method but it shouldn’t feel like you’re at school.

If you’d like to know more about the theory and research behind what we’re suggesting we’d be happy to tell you but we usually focus on helping you make practical changes that will immediately put you on the path towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

Who can the ReFlex Method help?

The ReFlex Method can be used to help a wide range of different problems from struggling with low mood or anxiety to overeating or self-harm. We have listed some of the problems that the ReFlex Method can help with on this page on our website. We rarely use psychiatric diagnosis (find out why here) but we have also listed the psychiatric diagnoses that the ReFlex Method can help with.

In the unlikely event that you are facing a difficulty that isn’t in the ReFlex Method and our psychologists have not previously encountered the issue then we have a network of specialist psychologists based overseas who are more than willing to guide us to help you.

What happens during meetings with our psychologists?

Our psychologists will start by introducing themselves and explaining our rules around confidentiality. Then they will gently ask you questions to try to understand you, any difficulties you may be facing and the situation that you are in. They will also seek to understand what a contented, happy and fulfilling life would look like for you.

We often get stuck with difficult emotions or unwanted behaviours because the strategies we use to make ourselves feel better are only temporarily successful. Unfortunately, these strategies can then backfire and make us feel a lot worse. It’s difficult to spot these backfiring strategies yourself because our brain works in unexpected ways. For example, it’s ‘common sense’ to try to calm yourself down during a panic attack but trying to calm down is often what makes a panic attack worse!

Our psychologists will explain which strategies are working against you and suggest how to replace them with strategies that take you towards the life you want. They will teach you any skills you need to develop for those new strategies and explain how to use them in everyday life. They will then help you troubleshoot any problems that come up as you try to use the new skills and strategies.

The recommendations will be specifically tailored to you and your particular circumstances. It should feel like a collaborative process where your psychologist and you work together to develop the best approach for you.

How many meetings will I need?

It’s difficult to state exactly how many meetings you will need to feel that life is improving. On average people take between six and eight meetings to learn and apply the skills and strategies that they need. However, some people need fewer meetings and others will need more. It very much depends on the difficulties you are facing.

How did we develop the ReFlex Method?

To develop the ReFlex Method, we took the best practices from Western psychology and adapted them for Asian cultures. First we chose the two evidence-based approaches which we thought would work the best for cultures in Asia. Specifically, we chose Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT). ACT & CFT are extensions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is the most scientifically supported method for helping people in psychological distress. You can read about CBT and ACT on our website.

All of our psychologists are trained in CBT but we felt that ACT & CFT are more compatible with Asian cultures. We also prefer them because they are ‘transdiagnostic interventions’ so we don’t need to use psychiatric diagnoses (you can read more about why we prefer to avoid psychiatric diagnoses here). Another advantage of ACT & CFT is that they can help people who are already happy and content a way to further improve their happiness and fulfillment in life.

Scientific evidence of effectiveness

Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) are the gold standard for scientific experiments to determine whether a medical intervention is effective. As of mid 2023 there are nearly 1,050 randomized controlled trials showing that ACT is effective. There are even more RCTs supporting the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which has a similar theoretical underpinning to ACT. Some of these research studies have been conducted in Asia but most of these research studies have been conducted in countries such as the USA, UK & Australia.

The ReFlex Method is based on this research but we used our clinical experience to adapt them for people in Asia. We went through common ACT & CFT ‘treatment protocols’ and removed elements that we thought would be unhelpful in helping people from Asian cultures. We then added explanations and examples that we thought were more easily understood and used in Asia.

Our psychologists continually improve the ReFlex Method by updating it with their increasing knowledge and experience. In particular, as they work with different people they evaluate whether the ReFlex Method is helping as it should. Of course, we also ask for direct feedback from the people we meet. Your feedback will help further improve the ReFlex Method.

We intend to further improve the ReFlex Program by adding aspects that are even more tuned into specific cultures and backgrounds in Malaysia. We are planning to conduct research studies to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of the ReFlex Method.

How we share the ReFlex Method

Our psychologists select the parts of the ReFlex Method which will be useful to you because it would be quite overwhelming if we were to give you everything without filtering out the parts that are not relevant to you.

We use the ReFlex Method to train and mentor our junior psychologists so that you get the very best care no matter which of our psychologists you meet. We also use it to train external clinicians (for example we trained CBT therapists in Thailand). However, we don’t usually make all the ReFlex Method’s resources publically available to other clinicians.

This is partly because the ReFlex Method is evolving rapidly and we don’t want clinicians to rely on older versons of it. But the primary reason we don’t just share the resources is because we think it’s important for clinicians to use it under the guidance and mentorship of a more experienced clinician.

Share Resolve’s mentoring system is an important part of the ReFlex Method. It ensures that all our psychologists regularly meet with a more experienced psychologist who offers guidance and advice on how to improve the help they offer. This improves all our psychologists’ ability to help and means that even our trainee clinical psychologists can deliver highly effective help for a wide range of difficulties.

The ReFlex Program for Groups

Besides helping individuals, we’re now using the ReFlex Method for group sessions. These groups are called the ReFlex Program. The first groups will be at the University of Malaya’s Medical Centre (UMMC). If your organization wants us to run the ReFlex Program at your location, contact us!

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Arrange a consultation

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