Clinical Psychology Training in Singapore for International Applicants

To become a clinical psychologist in Singapore a first degree and then a postgraduate degree which includes professional training is required . Clinical psychologists usually have a minimum of 6 years of university training, which includes a formal professional training component. It is usually expected that two years of supervised practice is completed before the training is fully recognised. In Singapore, Clinical psychologists can be found in government organisations, general hospitals and private practice offices.

Do I need to be licensed or registered to practise as a psychologist in Singapore?

At present, there is no official statutory regulation of the practice of psychology in Singapore. Therefore, it is not compulsory for you to be licensed or registered with a government agency or professional board to practise as a psychologist. However, employers and clients are likely to request evidence of your ability to practice so in practice it is important to be accredited by a reputable organisation

Who accredits psychologists in Singapore?

The Singapore Psychological Society is the only professional society for psychologists in Singapore. Psychologists providing psychological services are encouraged to apply to be listed on the Register. For more information please visit the following link:

If I train as a Clinical Psychologist in Singapore will I be able to practice in my home country?

It is advisable to check with relevant authorities or potential employers in your home country to determine whether a Singaporean qualification will be recognised.

How much will it cost?

Both available courses are run by the National University of Singapore and their fee for a 2 year Clinical Psychology Masters is $33,400SGD per year.

You should also consider how much it will cost to live in Singapore (and Australia for the joint course). The National University of Singapore gives advice on expected living costs here.

Which Universities currently offer places for international students to study clinical psychology?

At the time of writing the following courses will consider accepting international candidates onto their Clinical Psychology programmes. There are two forms of the course.