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The UKM course is one of the oldest courses in the country. The Masters in Clinical Psychology at UKM is a full-time course that starts in January and runs for 2 years. It has links with local government hospitals which means there are a wide range of clients to see. However, this also means many of the clients will expect you to be able to speak Malay fluently.

Historically, UKM used to prioritise places for applicants who were already employed by the government.

Course description

The course description below is from UKM’s website. Please do check this information by accessing the course website.

The Master of Clinical Psychology prepares students to practice as Clinical Psychologists. A clinical psychologist is involved in preventing, assessing, diagnosing and treating psychological disorders, as well as emotional, personality, learning and behaviour issues that affect daily living and social functioning.

The program consists of structured coursework, research, and clinical training. Students will undergo clinical placements and training at the UKM Health Psychology Clinic as well as mental health clinics in regional government hospitals, private practices, and NGOs.

They are also required to carry out a research project in the areas of clinical psychology, psychological medicine, psychogeriatric, psychological interventions or psychotherapy, psychosexuality, substance misuse and abuse, quality of life and psychological rehabilitation under close supervision of faculty members.

Course Structure

Year I

Semester I                                                     
NNNC6032     Ethics and Professional Practice in Clinical Psychology
NNNC6013     Research Methodology & Statistics
NNNC6033     Psychological Testing and Assessment
NNNC6053     Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology
NNNC6073     Adult Clinical Psychology
NNNC6093     Psychotherapy I

Semester II
NNNC6042     Psychopharmacology in Clinical Practice
NNNC6023     Neuropsychology
NNNC6043     Health Psychology and Community Mental Health
NNNC6062     Psychotherapy II
NNNC6065     Clinical Placement I

Year II

Semester I
NNNC7014     Clinical Psychology Research Project I
NNNC7015     Clinical Placement II

Semester II
NNNC7024     Clinical Psychology Research Project II
NNNC7025     Clinical Placement III


UKM’s Clinical Psychology Departmental Website is at the following web address: https://www.ukm.my/fsk/deputy-dean-graduate-school-office/master-of-clinical-psychology/


Centre for Graduate Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, DarulEhsan, Malaysia

One of your placements is likely to be Klinik Psikologi Kesihatan, FSK UKM Klaras 2, Bangunan Yayasan Selangor, Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Course Length:

Two‐year full time postgraduate programme.


Total fees for Malaysian Students :  Approx RM 6,725. This information is from 2018 so it may have changed.

Total Fees for International Students: Approx: RM 14,485 (note unless you have permission to work in Malaysia it is probably not possible for you to take the course. You would also need to check if the Malaysian qualification is recognised in your own country).

Places available:

Approximately 10 students per year.

Entry Requirements

Applicants who wish to apply for the program should fulfil the following entry requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology with minimum 3.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA); or Graduate Diploma in Psychology or Counselling from any Institution of higher learning recognized by the Senate; and
  • Pass the intake interview conducted by the program; and
  • International applicant should get a minimum score of TOEFL (580 TOEFL Paper; or 230 TOEFL-CBT; or 90-91 TOEFL-IBT) or Band 6.5 for IELTS

Selection process:

The selection process includes an interview session, and aptitude test. Applicants are expected to pass both the interview and test for entry into the programme.

Any questions or comments?

The details on this page are correct as of the publication date. If you have any questions or you notice any changes in this information please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. It would also be good to read any comments or opinions you may have.


  1. Hi Dr Dan Seal.
    I’m interested in clinical psychology, I have a degree in medical doctor (MD).
    Do I need to have a degree in psychology first before entering master school in UKM?
    Thank you.

    • HI, yes, I think you need a psychology degree before you can study clinical psychology. However, you could always call UKM to check with them directly. As a medical doctor have you considered becoming a psychiatrist? You could do extra training in talking therapy after you qualify.

  2. Hi Mr Dan Seal
    I have a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Sociology wherein Psychology is a large component. Does this allow me to try applying for the Masters course?
    Thanking you in advance

    • I’m not sure whether UKM will accept a Major in Sociology when you’ve studied a lot of psychology. I guess it will depend on which Psychology subjects you took during the degree. Perhaps you can check with them directly to find out for sure.

  3. Hi Dr Dan Seal
    I have a Bachelor in Psychology with total CGPA 2.94 and going to graduate November 2019..is it possible for me to take Master in Clinical Psychology this year?

    • I’m not sure – that will be a decision for the admissions tutors on the course. I think they usually prefer some work experience too (but again it’s their decision).

  4. Hi Dr Dan Seal , I have my masters and PhD in Educational Psychology. Can I do Clinical Psychology at UKM? Whom do I get in touch with for further information?

  5. Hi, Dr Dan Seal.
    Good day.

    I have BA (Hons) Psychology but my graduation will be on next year August. Therefore, I would like to know if I can be able to apply using my current transcript.

    • Hi Santhiya, I don’t know whether UKM requires that you have the certificate or whether they will accept a transcript. You could ask them directly or just apply and see what happens. However, they are likely to want you to have some work experience before you apply.

  6. Hi Doctor,

    I have a masters in business psychology from Heriot Watt in Malaysia, my average is 52/100 (C). Im from Syria and I don’t speak much Malay, do you think I’m able to apply for PhD in psychology at UKM?

    • Hi, I don’t know about the criteria for a regular research PhD. That will depend on the PhD supervisor who you are applying to. Most clinical psychology programmes require the equivalent of an upper second class honours (above 60). Perhaps you can contact UK directly to make enquiries.

  7. Hi Dr, nice to meet u. If I got a master of Psychiatry in Shanghai, can I apply for Clinical Psychology in U? Because I saw the requirement are like everything related to Psychology but not Psychiatry . Thanks !

    • Hi Janice, to be a psychiatrist you first need to be a medical doctor. If you’re already a psychiatrist then you probably don’t need to do a Clinical Psychology course. Instead you can do training courses to improve your skills in talking therapies. If you are looking for good quality online courses I like Russ Harris’ ACT courses on psychwire.com. In order to apply for a clinical psychology course you will normally need to have an undergraduate degree in psychology. You could contact UKM to check with them if they will accept the Masters you do have.

    • The usual requirement is an undergraduate degree in psychology but I don’t know UKM’s exact requirements. Perhaps you could contact them to ask what they would accept. If they respond please let us know in the comments below so others can benefit from what you find out.

  8. Hi did ukm just accept the one that graduated from their university earlier in BA psychology or is it open for anyone that are taking the BA psychology in any universities?

    • Hi Ally, I think the Masters at UKM is open to anyone that has a psychology degree. I know several Clinical Psychologists who trained at UKM but studied their undergraduate psychology degree at other universities.

  9. Hi Dr.! If you don’t mind, may I ask some tips and advices from you on how to excel in the interview for entry requirements of the course and perhaps other advice for a bachelor degree student who wanted to pursue career as a clinical psychologist? 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon Dr.

    • Hi Husna, I don’t know how the interviews at UKM are run so I don’t know how to advise you to prepare for them. However, in the UK this was a really popular book to read before interviews as it gives a good explanation of how to think about people’s difficulties from different perspectives, including CBT: Formulation in Psychology & Psychotherapy by Lucy Johnstone. There’s also some good articles available for free on Psychwire. If you can find people who have already attended the interviews they may be able to give you more information on how to prepare.

  10. Hey , I am currently doing Bsc psychology in india and planning to do Msc clinical psychology at UKM. Malaysian degree is recognized here so is it possible only to study there and not work.? I just want to study there and comeback to India to work.

    • Hi Hisana, as far as I know Malaysia would prefer if you came here to study and then returned to your own country immediately after qualifying. It would be more of a problem if you wanted to stay and work in Malaysia as it’s currently difficult to get a visa to do so. Just as a side note, clinical psychology courses require that you do practical training as part of the course. So you’ll need to ‘work’ as part of the course although it won’t be paid work.

  11. Good day Dr. Dan Seal,
    I am interested in applying for the 2022 intake. I noticed all the websites pertaining to “Masters in Clinical Psychology” are down. There is however a “Masters in Health Psychology”. Is it the same course with a different name?

    • Hi Ali, unfortunately I don’t know enough about the UKM admissions process to say whether they would accept a trainee from Iraq. UKM has stronger links with the local government services and therefore has more students who have previously worked with government services. There may be some problems with getting a work visa during your studies. It will be extremely difficult to get a work visa for Malaysia once you have finished your studies (the pandemic has led to Malaysia being less open to foreign workers). That would mean you would probably need to work in another country. The challenge there is that the Malaysian qualification is not automatically accepted in other countries. If your plan was to work in another country after Malaysia then it would be a good idea to check whether that country would accept the Malaysian qualification.

  12. Good Day Dr. Dan Seal, hope all is well and good. I intend to pursue Master Arts in Psychology with a private university in Malaysia. With this, can I pursue Masters of Clinical Psychology in UKM?
    This website indicates that it is possible but just want to be certain. I do understand the selection process involve.

  13. Hello Dr Naim, im Dr Firdaus, i actually have similar direction of thought as yours, can we get in touch to know whats you opinion and course you eventually took. Im interested in psychology and im currently a medical doctor in clinic. can get it touch? 0103939250 is my whatsapp. would greatly appreciated some guide. =)

  14. I have done Bs hons applied psychology want to do M Phil in clinical psychology having 3.08 Cgpa then tell me scholarship program

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