Which psychiatric diagnoses can a clinical psychologist help with?





The short answer to the question ‘which psychiatric diagnoses can a clinical psychology at Share Resolve help with’ is ‘all of them’. We have strategies and skills that we can use to support people with any of the psychiatric diagnoses. This is because we use therapy approaches that are ‘transdiagnostic’ and target the underlying mechanisms that lead to many of the psychiatric diagnoses.

However, we may also suggest the involvement of other professionals to support certain diagnoses. For example, if you were suffering from chronic pain we may also refer to a physiotherapist and medical doctor.

To give a more in-depth answer to the question of which diagnoses our clinical psychologists can work with we will first mention our approach to psychiatric diagnosis and then we will list the psychiatric diagnoses that we have experience of working with.

Share Resolve’s approach to psychiatric diagnosis

At Share Resolve we rarely use psychiatric diagnosis. We don’t think a diagnosis is sufficient for understanding an individual. One person with a diagnosis of depression can be completely different from another person with depression. The label itself doesn’t help us to help them and may even cause harm because some people can treat others badly because they have a psychiatric diagnosis.

For a more detailed explanation you can read our webpage on why we rarely use psychiatric diagnosis.

There are some occasions where a diagnosis is useful because the diagnosis makes extra support is available. On these occasions we are fully qualified to determine which diagnosis or diagnoses would be appropriate for you. You can ask us to communicate this diagnosis in writing to the necessary organisations or authorities. In accordance with our confidentiality and ethics rules we will only tell others about your diagnosis with your permission.

One example where we may need to give a diagnosis is if an insurance company needs one to cover the costs of our services.

On occasion people have already been given a psychiatric diagnosis and they are wondering if we can help them. We have listed the diagnoses that have worked with below.

The Psychiatric Diagnoses that we have experience of working with:

At Share Resolve we have experience working with the psychiatric diagnoses listed below. We have listed them using the ICD-11. We are able to use the popular American diagnostic manual called the DSM-V. However, given that we are working in Malaysia we find it more appropriate to use the World Health Organisation’s ICD-11.

If we have articles on our website relating to the diagnoses below we have added a link so you can click through for more information.

Why can you see such a wide range of people and difficulties?

In countries with a large number of clinical psychologists it is best practice to refer people with complex difficulties to specialist centres who focus on that specific area. For example, in the UK there are specialist organisations for specific issues such as eating disorders, brain injury, sexual health, trauma etc.

Malaysia does not have specialist clinical psychology units or organisations. It’s important to us that anyone in need of help is able to get support. Within our team we have a wide range of specialist knowledge. If we feel there is specialist knowledge that we lack we gain that knowledge by linking with our extensive network of clinical psychologists in countries such as the UK and USA, many of whom work in specialist clinics.

Arrange a consultation with one of our psychologists

If you would like to meet with one of our psychologists to discuss any of the diagnoses listed above please get in touch with us to arrange a consultation. You can contact us via email at info@resolve.my or you can call or WhatsApp 012 5089910.

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