Zaryl Tan’s Corporate & Start Up Experience

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach I had eighteen years of experience in financial services and manufacturing. I began my career in business development and sales before moving into key account management and strategic planning.

I have worked in multi-national corporations, local businesses & start-ups.

I have listed some of these experiences below.

Aspirasi: Head of Insurance, Business Development & Sales.

Aspirase is the micro-financing and micro-insurance brand by Axiata Digital, the digital services arm of Axiata Group.

I was responsible for developing the strategy for Aspirasi’s entrance into the insurance sector. This involve identifying and initiating new business to business partnerships and finding new digital channels to reach end consumers. I planned and set-up Aspirasi’s internal insurance processes and operational infrastructure. I then developed marketing initiatives to generate and sustain the interest in Aspirasi’s insurance products.

Laka: Country Director Malaysia

  • Laka is a UK based InsureTech start-up headquartered in London. It offers a one-of-a-kind community insurance model and engages customers directly via a digital platform on their phones or the internet. Initially targeting high-end bicycle owners Laka will soon expand its coverage to sports-equipment, pets and travel insurance.
  • I was recruited to facilitate Laka’s entry into Malaysia. I have successfully:
  • – Liaised with Bank Negara (Central Bank) to gain regulatory accreditation.
  • – Worked with Shariah Advisors to ensure Shariah compliance.
  • – Identified and pitched to potential investors to raise funds for Laka’s expansion.
  • – Formed partnerships with regional insurers & reinsurers.
  • – Created a digital community hub for customers and generated brand awareness.
  • – Developed our strategy for growth across the region.
  • – Evaluated the business case for future insurance products in fresh segments.
  • – Planned differentiated solutions to suit local markets.
  • – Built an eco-system of strategic partnerships to open new distribution channels.

Prudential Malaysia: Head of Sales & Key Account Management

  • I led a team of 48 Financial Service Managers who were responsible for delivering nationwide sales via our business partners. I also headed a group of 15 Regional Sales Management staff who arranged events, trained the business partners’ sales teams and provided sales support to the business partners’ distribution channels.
  • I regularly liaised, planed and strategised with the business partners’ senior management team.
  • In my first year, we achieved 80% sales growth which was four times the target and a record for the department. In the second year I achieved 65% and in my third year 68%.
  • – I piloted then implemented a new initiative to market our products to the ‘Priority segment’. I recruited a sales team, developed training materials and liaised with internal and external stakeholders to develop a product and service appropriate for high wealth clientele. This new channel was responsible for 50% of the departments’ annual sales.
  • – I launched a new sales channel which enabled the business partners’ staff to sell insurance permanently for the first time. My team and I built new infrastructure in cooperation with the business partner, managed the sales process flow, developed the sales support system and mentored staff. Sales are 40% over target.
  • – I developed and delivered a new approach to sales activation events for High Net-Worth Clients with our partner bank. The new concepts and refined delivery led to a quadrupling of the average closure rate at events to 40%.

Newton Technology Group: Country Manager

  • NTG is a multinational company headquartered in Hong Kong which provides energy management solution and patented energy saving technologies to hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, corporate buildings and government linked projects.
  • I was recruited to facilitate the company’s expansion into Malaysia. In my first year, I started the operation and brought in RM 47 million in revenue. My role involved:
  • – Identifying and opening major accounts with high value customers including; property developers, major shopping malls, an airport and large public infrastructure projects.
  • – Developing and formalising long-term strategic alliances and relationships with business partners in Malaysia.
  • – Liaising between clients and NTG’s project management team to ensure that any problems are solved and projects are implemented successfully.
  • – Managing the Profit and Loss of NTG Malaysia’s operations.

Royal Selangor: National Corporate Account Manager

  • Royal Selangor is the world’s largest pewter manufacturing company with over 800 employees across 7 global offices.
  • I led a team of account managers and executives with the target of attaining 15% annual growth in corporate sales to RM 20 million. My responsibilities included:
  • – Developing and maintaining business relationships with local and international companies.
  • – Managing the company’s role in high prestige events such as Formula 1, the ATP Tennis Masters and Qatar’s 2020 World Cup bid.
  • – Leading advertising and public relations activities to promote the brand.
  • – Contributing to the national strategic business plan.
  • – Extending the product range and opening up new markets through consultation with current and prospective clients, predicting trends and liaison with designers, industrial engineers and manufacturing teams.

Malaysia Apexone Financial Consultancy: Director

I jointly established this insurance agency with a sales force of 60 and an annual profit of RM 2 million. My responsibilities included:

  •  Developing and implementing the agency’s strategic business plan.
  •  Balancing the organisation’s budget to maximise profits and achieve sales growth.
  •  Head hunting high calibre sales agents who fit the organisational culture.
  •  Training and motivating the sales team to help them realise their potential.

AIA Business Development Agent

I was an AIA Premier Agent direct selling life and general insurance to businesses and consumers. In addition:
– I project managed; road shows, annual corporate dinners, award presentations, team building, career opportunities programs and management trainee programs.

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